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Who We Are at St Andrew Christian Preschool 

Christian Preschool-Saint Andrew Preschool

Vision: St Andrew Preschool is a Christian Preschool program of St Andrew United Methodist Church, we value children and their families and build loving community by providing an exceptional preschool experience in a Christian setting.


Christian Preschool - St Andrew United Methodist Church Highlands Ranch Colorado Our Mission: Knowing all children are created and loved by God, we value each child’s individual growth and development. By inspiring life-long learning, we prepare children for their next educational steps while engaging each family in our program.


Christian Preschool - United Methodist Church

St Andrew Preschool

At St Andrew Preschool ( A Christian Preschool ), we help children grow, physically, spiritually and emotionally. We want to prepare children to be lifelong enthusiastic learners, to share the love of God, and to be confident and independent students, ready for Kindergarten when the time comes. A young child learns best through play, and Saint Andrew Preschool provides safe places, indoors and out, for children to learn at their own pace, pursuing their own interests.

It may seem a small thing to learn to put on a coat, open a lunch box or tie a shoe, but to small children, these are the stepping stones to independence. We teach these things, along with supporting the development of large and small motor skills, strong self esteem and how to ask for help or to use one’s words to solve conflicts.

Your child will learn that she/he is a unique and special individual, loved by God. Your child will learn to share and to get along with other children and adults. Your child will have the opportunity to express individual ideas and feelings through developmentally age- appropriate activities. In addition to regular communication with parents about daily or weekly accomplishments, our teachers conduct semi-annual assessments of students in line with the National Association for the Education of Young Children and Colorado state guidelines for early childhood development.

We believe most discipline issues can be headed off by good classroom management. Keep a child busy and engaged to avoid conflict. But when conflict does occur, we teach children how to use their words effectively or to learn other ways to express their frustration. On those rare occasions when a conflict pattern emerges, we work with parents to set goals and a plan for addressing the issue.

Christian Preschool - St. Andrew United Methodist Church Philosophy: Our curriculum is based on the interests and needs of the children. We recognize the unique nature of each person, and believe that all people are made in the image of God. We believe that children learn best when they are actively engaged, and when they have the opportunity to thoroughly explore, question, investigate, and manipulate objects in their environment. Our play-based learning provides children with the opportunity to work and play with others, to express themselves creatively and spiritually through music, art, dramatic play and language, to communicate feelings and ideas, and to develop their cognitive and physical skills. Our emphasis is on the process, not the product- it is through experience that the foundation of learning is established.