What consists of a typical day?

Each classroom has a literacy center, used daily. We also provide music, creative movement, art, science and, for 4-5 year olds, computer lab and Spanish. Outdoor play occurs every day on our large, secure playground. During bad weather, we have a spacious playroom with balls, hula hoops and other toys for large motor development.

What safety measures does Saint Andrew Preschool enforce?

St Andrew Preschool is a locked, secure environment. All staff have passed background checks and have been fingerprinted. Any church staff that has reason to be on the Saint Andrews Preschool premises also must have background checks.

What is the Student-Teacher ratio?

Each class is assigned two teachers for the year (this exceeds state mandated regulations), which ensures a stronger, more stable relationship between teachers and students. Four of our staff members are medically trained and can dispense medicines and monitor some special needs. Our student body ranges between 220-240 children, with 27 teachers.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

Your child does not need to be toilet trained to attend St Andrew Preschool.  We believe each child develops at his or her own pace, and we will work with you to ensure your child achieves toilet training at the right time.

What do you do for a child with food allergies?

We are sensitive to the needs of children who have food allergies, and so each day, parents approve the snack for the day on the sign in sheet, and if necessary, we will substitute another snack. Parents are always welcome to supply their child’s snack. Parents will provide the school with paperwork from a physician stating the emergency care plan for the child. Epi-pens are stored in the child’s classroom, and all of our teachers are trained to administer an epi-pen.

Benadryl is kept in the office and will be administered by the director or assistant director. Any food that is brought in by families for classroom celebrations must be store-bought, in its original packaging, with ingredients listed; we do not accept homemade treats. WE ARE NOT A PEANUT-FREE SCHOOL.

How do I know if Saint Andrew Preschool is open, delayed or closed?

Saint Andrew Preschool follows the same emergency school closings as Douglas County Schools, due to emergencies or severe weather. Saint Andrew Preschool closings will be posted on the Saint Andrew Preschool website under News section or alert section at the top of the page.

Recorder voice mail available at 303-794-0510 and will also have email to parents and staff no later than 7:30 am and announced on Channels 4, 7 & 9 and on most radio stations.

Saint Andrew Preschool also follows Douglas County School District Delayed Start decisions and announcements. Douglas County Schools may elect to open school late due to severe weather and driving conditions. Delayed Start information will be posted on the website, on a recorded voice mail 303-794-0510, in an email to parents and staff no later than 7:30 am and announced on Channels 4, 7 & 9. (See above)



It is Saint Andrew Preschool policy not to make up days for school closings. Tuition for snow days will not be reimbursed. The safety of our children and families is of utmost importance when decisions are made regarding school closings and delayed start.

What are my child’s chances of getting into the school as a new family?

Within each group of children registered (Church members, current families, waitlist families, and new families), there is an equal chance for all children to get into the spaces available at that time. We randomly draw registration forms from each group, so if there are 5 spaces open when it gets to new family registrations, all new families will have an equal chance at those 5 spots.

When will I know if my child has been accepted into the school?

We hope to have our class lists put together by the end of March, and we will let you know by mail whether your child has been placed in a class or on the waitlist.

How does the waitlist process work?

If your child doesn’t get in right away, we will automatically place them on the waitlist. We get openings throughout the year through families moving, choosing different schools and changing family circumstances, and we will call you as soon as your child’s name comes up on the waitlist. You are welcome to call and ask if your spot has moved, but we will absolutely call you the second a spot opens up, so if you haven’t heard from us, nothing has opened up for your child. If your child does not get in this school year, you will be able to register just ahead of new families for the next year, and we will mail you the registration forms at that time.

How do I know if my child is “young” or “old” in their age group?

Generally, our classes are grouped in six-month age ranges, so your child is considered “young” with a birthday from July to December, and “old” with a birthday from January to June. (For example, a “Young 2” will turn 2 from July to December of 2008).

If one child gets in, does the sibling automatically get in?

Due to class sizes, we cannot guarantee a sibling placement, but we will always place siblings on the same days, unless otherwise requested.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, you will receive a 5% discount off of full tuition for your second, third, fourth, etc child.