We have low student teacher ratios, do not require potty training, and accept students as young as 1 and walking. Call to schedule a tour today!

Potty Training Not Required

potty training not requiredDid you know that being potty trained is NOT required to attend St Andrew Preschool? Potty training is an individual process! Read the article below for more information.

Potty Training Not Required At St. Andrew Preschool

There is not one “right” way or one “right” age to learn how to use the toilet. Here are some questions and thoughts to keep in mind as you help your child learn to use the toilet. When and how to help your child learn to use the potty depends on how ready your child is, as well as your own beliefs and values about toilet training. There is not one “right” way or one “right” age to learn. Here are some questions and thoughts to keep in mind as you help your child learn to use the toilet. Read More

Promoting Family Literacy

Dr Seuss’s Birthday is next month! Here are some tips on promoting family literacy at home.

family literacyThe research is clear: Children raised in homes that promote family literacy grow up to be better readers and do better in school than children raised in homes where literacy is not promoted. We know that promoting family literacy is important to future reading and school success, but does that mean parents should be prepared to read 100 books a week to their preschoolers? Of course not. While family literacy activities are often based in reading, there are lots of other ways families can conduct literacy activities at home through picture books, songs, poetry and storytelling.

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12 Christmas Prayers

With the busy month ahead of us, we are posting Christmas Prayers for your family to enjoy. St. Andrew Preschool will be closed for the Christmas holiday from Dec. 19th – January 2nd. School will resume Tues, January 3rd.


hopingChristian faith is also a matter of hoping, of leaning into the future that God has promised. It’s living with the assurance that God is bringing in the time of shalom, God’s reign here on earth.

As Easter people, we have a hope born of the Resurrection: God has already conquered sin and death, and the kingdom of love, righteousness, peace and justice is even now breaking in.

To abide in hope is to watch and pray for God’s future and to join in the ministries through which it will be realized.

Surrounded by the love and encouragement of the community of believers, we persevere on the journey of faith, ever trusting, believing, following and hoping.

Excerpted from The United Methodist Member’s Handbook, Revised and Expanded by George E. Koehler, pp. 62-63