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Ms. Jordyn has gone ABOVE and BEYOND

in helping my child transition into preschool. She is obviously very dedicated to this job and LOVES the kids she teaches. Thank you!”

Jessica Fann, T,W,TH Chipmunks

My Child Loves Coming to School

He talks about Ms. Meredith and Ms. Jenni all the time. He also includes them in his bed time prayers. Thank you for making school such a great experience. “

Shelby Sipe, Black Bears T/TH Class

Ms. DeLesa & Ms. Caralyn made me smile

Ms. DeLesa & Ms. Caralyn made me smile, got caught being great, went way beyond and did their jobs wonderfully!

“I am astounded at how well Lucky is doing with his seperation anxiety. He talks about his teachers all the time and says “I can’t wait to go to school!”. That’s never come out of his mouth! I think they may have cured his seperation anxiety! Crossing my fingers!”

Kim Sherman

Ms. Tracey & Ms. Erica went way beyond!

“Iree had a very hard morning and they both went above and beyond making her feel welcome! Thank you! “

Stacy Fredrickson- MWF Penguin Mom

Ms. DeLesa & Ms. Sue were caught being great

Ms. DeLesa & Ms. Sue were caught being great, they went way beyond and they did their jobs wonderfully!

“Ms. DeLesa and Ms. Sue are so wonderful! Today my child was having a hard morning and they both went out of their way to make her feel better!”

Dino Mom

Ms. Amanda and Ms. Ashleigh went way beyond and did their jobs wonderfully!

“Sebastian has been having a hard time at drop off. They do such an awesome job making the transition easiest for me and Sebastian. They are both so caring and really take the time to help get his day started. Thank you for all you do!”

Lynette Will- MWF Puppy Mom

Thank you to the Entire CLC Staff

Thank you all for your incredible dedications, patience, support, comfort, guidance and devotion to these beautiful children! The two years my son has spent at St. Andrew CLC has been beyond wonderful on so many levels. The loving, safe and fun environment has helped my son overcome his shy and timid ways. He has truly blossomed as a result of all of you. Thank you for everything! You are truly AMAZING.

Love CLC Dino Family

Miss Amanda was caught being great, went way beyond and did her job wonderfully!

I can’t express enough how wonderful Ms. Amanda is! Caroline absolutely loves school!!! Ms. Amanda and Ms. Ashleigh are doing such a great job with the kids. Ms. Amanda’s weekly e-mail communication about class happenings is AMAZING! My 3 year old dosen’t always give me the full scoop so the e-mails are great. Thanks to Ms. Amanda for making Caroline’s experience at school so positive!

Katie Blandford

Marcia, Steph and the entire CLC staff

The enclosed tuition check marks a milestone for us, as it will be our last. Our children have attended CLC for many years. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for this tremendous school. The curriculum is top notch and delivered by knowledgeable, loving teahcers. Our children not only learned the 3 “R’s”, they also learned social behaviors that will help them be productive members of society. The dividends our investment produced will be liflong for our children. Our 2nd grade son is in an advanced learning plan in his school and loving it. Our daughter has a solid educational foundation entering kindergarten and will no doubt continue to excel. These traits are due in large part to the work done at CLC. Thank you for teaching, for caring and for loving our kids.

A Penguin Family

Ms. Heidi & Ms. Ashleigh Went Way Beyond and Did Their Job Wonderfully!

“Our daughter is so blessed to have these two phenomenal teachers. She loves school. She is excited to go, doesn’t want to leave and tells us she misses her teachers when she is home. They are so organized and the work that comes home is the highest quality. Charlotte loves the variety of crafts and we especially love the letter (alphabet) crafts! We could not be more pleased with the rich learning environment they are providing for our daughter! We are so grateful!”

Kami Wilson-T/TH Puppy 2 Mom

Ms. Melissa did her job wonderfully!

“Without fail, I always hear about music class from my daughter, Charlotte. She sings songs at our house all the time that she learned with Ms. Melissa. I just love and appreciate that Charlotte is enjoying music and having such a rich experience. She lights up when she sees Ms. Melissa in the hall.”

Kami Wilson

Ms. Tina Went Way Beyond!

“Harrison missed the Valentine’s Day party because he only comes on Wednesdays. Tina dropped his Valentines off at our house on Friday after school. This was so incredibly thoughtful and way beyond what I would expect. I appreciate the genuine care she and Donna display for my son and all the kiddos in the Duck classroom.”

Shelby Sipe-Wednesday Duck Mom

Ms. DeLesa & Ms. Caralyn Made Me Smile

Ms. DeLesa & Ms. Caralyn Made Me Smile, Got Caught Being Great, Went Way Beyond and Did Her Job Wonderfully!

“I am so thankful for Ms. DeLesa and Ms. Caralyn.  They are so organized and make a great team, working together to truly make learning fun!  I love Ms. DeLesa’s enthusiasm for teaching.  She puts her heart into it and goes above and beyond.  These two wonderful teachers sincerely care about the growth and accomplishments of each of their little Dinos.  Biella comes home with excitement and a big smile after a day at school.  Thank you for all that you do!

Lora Wyman-T/TH Dino MOM

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